Professional English Courses

These courses offer an opportunity to those professionals who appreciate a carefully-structured programme that helps them use English across a wide range of work activities.  Students are assigned language tasks that relate directly to their professional life, be it Law (Legal English), Information Technology, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Aviation, Oil and GasTourism & Hospitality, FinanceJournalism , Military English , Art and Design , English for Agriculture , Maritime English and others.  Essentially, the course will combine the knowledge of the subject possessed by the student with their need for more competence in English usage.  Our specially selected teachers for the one-to-one tuition or group classes will have the relevant knowledge and teaching skills for the student’s area of interest.   These courses will help you achieve a level of appropriate English that you can confidently use in your career.  ESP courses can be taken in combination with General English Courses, Business English Courses or any other course.

Some examples of Professional English areas are:

Note: Students booking this course should provide the school with detailed information about their professional life and English language needs in advance. This will enable the teacher to design an appropriate learning programme and provide the student/s with the most suitable resources during the course of study.

Period of operation: All year round
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Duration of 1 Lesson: 45 minutes
Lessons per week: 20 lessons (15 hours), 30 lessons (22.5 hours)

Combination General English group 20 lessons per week  + One-to-One Professional English 10 lessons per week

This course is ideal for students who wish to improve their overall competence in English in a group setting in the morning, when they can practise all their language skills through interactive classwork, while turning their attention to their professional needs in the afternoon. Through these private lessons, with the help and guidance of their teacher, they can work on bringing together their professional expertise and their knowledge of English, in order to develop their ability to function as experts in their field within an English working environment. As with all one-to-one lessons, the main advantage of this arrangement is that the individual attention of the teacher is focused entirely on one student, so the course itself is agreed by student and teacher together, and is based on the professional needs of the student, which s/he is asked to discuss with the teacher at the start of the course.

Combination General English group 20 lessons per week + Professional English group 10 lessons per week (available for minimum 2 students)

This course is very useful for colleagues or professionals in the same field  who are of a similar English language competence and would like to improve their general level of English with other students in the morning, while focusing on specific shared areas of their professional work in the afternoon. Together with their teacher, they can establish the goals of the course and determine which gaps in their knowledge of English are most relevant to their work. This ensures that students come away with greater confidence in their general English skills and in their applied knowledge of English for easier transfer to their professional context.

Closed Groups  20 lessons per week (available for minimum 4 students)

This course is for students who would like to focus exclusively and intensively on their professional English with others of similar professional backgrounds, whether or not they work together. With its intense focus on a specific field of expertise, the lessons of such a course are an interesting and efficient way of improving students’ English as relevantly as possible to their specific areas of interest, as the course content and objectives are negotiated in class with the teacher, in order to ensure effective outcomes for all students concerned and guarantee the confidence needed to function fluently and comfortably in their respective professional environments when using English.