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GSE offers English language courses online for those students who might not be able to travel to Malta or those students who wish to further their English language studies after having attended a course in Malta. We offer both group and individual tuition. Group courses of mixed nationalities are available at all levels from Beginner to Advanced. We also offer the possibility of choosing your teacher for private/individual tuition if you would have liked the style of teaching of that particular teacher when you were in Malta. The timetable for individual/private tuition is flexible and can be suited to the student’s availability. Group courses are held at fixed times.

Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing.” — Donna J. Abernathy.

GSE English Courses Online…who are they for?

  • if for some reason you cannot travel to Malta or you don’t have the time to travel you can book our online courses…same atmosphere…same teachers…same service…same attention…but online
  • if you wish to continue studying with GSE after your return from an English language course in Malta
  • if you liked the style of teaching of a particular teacher and you wish to continue studying with the same teacher online
  • if you’re stuck at home due to COVID-19 mobility restrictions or lock-down or on quarantine in Malta or around the world

What makes us different from other online platforms offering English language courses?

GSE is a licensed English language school in Malta monitored and regulated by the ELT council within the Ministry of Education. We use our own teachers who are fully qualified and possess the requirements as stipulated by the same ELT council which regulates the English language teaching industry in Malta.  So you can rest assured that the quality of teaching online is the same quality of teaching you would expect when you study English with us in Malta.

Another major bonus to consider when choosing to study with us online is that we provide an end of course digital certificate. The certificate is issued by the school which is licensed and recognised by the ELT council in Malta and the Ministry of Education in Malta hence your attendance certificate is issued by an official European educational institution. Please bear in mind that the English language teaching industry in Malta is highly regulated ensuring very high standards of teaching and the same goes with our online classes as you will have the same teachers you’d have if you attended classes in Malta.

Points to remember when you choose our online classes:

  • GSE is an established and licensed English language school in Malta regulated by the ELT council – the authority within the Ministry of education responsible for the regulation, licensing and monitoring of all English language schools in Malta.
  • We use our own Gateway teachers for online classes so same quality, friendliness, professionalism, personalized attention and style of teaching guaranteed.
  • Digital certificate issued by a licensed, recognised and established European Educational Institution such as GSE having the same validity as a certificate obtained when you attend a face to face class in Malta.

Online English Courses Pricelist GSE Malta

Step by Step guide on how to join the online platform click here:

Want to book a course (use the booking form by CLICKING HERE, choose your course and in the comments box of the booking form please write GSE ONLINE).  Once you submit the form you can also pay by credit card online by clicking on the link below the booking form (when asked for the invoice number please write GSEONLINE001).


COVID-19 Crisis and Temporary Closure of all schools:

As you probably already know we were forced to TEMPORARILY close our school due to a Maltese government directive issued on Friday 13th March. The directive stipulates that all licensed English language schools in Malta had to suspend their on site classes to reduce the risk of  spreading the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 among our student community.

We at Gateway worked very hard over that weekend of the Friday 13th March and started offering an online alternative for students who still wished to continue following English courses with us. We successfully set up an online platform Google Classroom and Google Hangouts from where students can log in and join one of our online classrooms according to their level. All they need is a Google account which they can easily create if they do not already have one. The user guide (click ‘user guide’ to download it) provides simple step-by-step instructions that students can follow to join a class.

Once students enrol, they will be able to see the exact times of the lessons they have booked on the Google Calendar. In this way, we are still providing students with a service as lessons are given by our own teachers and are held at the usual times as per the school timetable.

While we understand that this is not the same as being in a physical classroom in an English-speaking country , we believe that it can still be of benefit to those who wish to keep going in their efforts to learn and improve their English during this standstill and interact virtually with students of different nationalities. In spite of the limitations imposed by the challenging times we are facing right now, this is one of the advantages of living in the 21st century – that we can still stay connected, overcome certain obstacles and achieve some success in the confines of our own homes.

We therefore invite you to join us in this shift from helpless passivity to proactive problem-solving by helping us promote these new solutions that can keep our industry and our respective businesses alive.

As Charles Darwin put it:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”

Now is the time for us to test and prove that theory more than ever before. Together we can take control of this situation and explore new horizons. Let’s make it work.

Stay positive, be safe and keep well. We look forward to welcoming your clients online.