English courses for the Military

Course Overview:

This course, offered intensively over a short period, has been specifically developed for members of the armed forces who need to learn English for international cooperation. Whilst it is primarily designed for land forces, it contains relevant and functional English language material applicable to other military personnel. It follows a skills-based approach to learning grammar and lexis which is immediately transferable to military exercises.

Main Course Aim:

To provide participants with both the necessary language and study skills to ensure success in their current or future military role.

Course Content:

This course, which has been designed and developed according to NATO’s STANAG language profile, equips students with sufficient knowledge of English to understand a wide variety of subject matter on everyday social and routine job-related topics.
The topics drawn from a variety of international military contexts, including the US, the UK, NATO, and the UN, provide for dynamic and engaging lessons.

We would recommend that you will send us an email requesting a needs analysis questionnaire so that your course can be tailor-made to your specific areas of Military English: [email protected]