Progress Tests

Progress Tests

Progress tests are important because they are a type of formative assessment that assess your ongoing language development. Through progress tests we will gauge the improvement made in the language skills and language systems at the level the course was taken and thus we can monitor and ascertain the readiness to move to a higher level.

Progress tests are sent after consultation with your current class teacher. Your teacher will inform the academic director to send you the test link having taken your progress in all the language skills, class participation, and attendance into consideration. Tests may be requested from Monday to Wednesday and are corrected on Thursday and Friday. If you achieve over 75% in the test you will be moved up the following level and notified of your new class details by email. 

Please note that only tests taken after consultation with class teachers will be considered valid. 

Beginner Level:

Elementary Level:

Pre-Intermediate Level:

Intermediate Level:

Upper Intermediate Level:

Advanced Level:

If you have any questions regarding your progress while you are studying with us please do not hesitate to contact our academic director: [email protected]