Nationality Mix

Gateway School of English has taught students from all over the world. We guarantee that there will always be a minimum of eight different nationalities at school and always ensure a good student mix both in the classroom as well as outside it, as we believe that students travel to Malta purposely to practise their English through speaking and interaction with peers from all over the globe.

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Publiée par Gateway School of English (GSE) sur Mardi 21 juillet 2020

English schools and courses in Malta – students from all over the world speak about their experience with GSE:


Gateway has a vast network of student recruitment agencies representing the school in the four corners of the world

  • The majority of our students (60%) come from Western, Central & Eastern Europe, namely from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
  • A smaller percentage (20%) come from South America, mainly Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.
  • An even smaller percentage also come from Asia (10%), mostly Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, as well as from the Middle East (5%), mainly Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  • A few others (5%), come from North African states such as Libya, Algeria and Morocco.