COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines & COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver

Dear Student,

As you know, Gateway School of English GSE reopened its accommodation on 1st July 2020. The school reopened for classes at the school premises on Monday 6th July 2020.

As you must have read, Malta has successfully managed the pandemic in a manner that was commended by the World Health Organisation and has always had a low number of cases. Currently there are only 21 active cases in Malta and we had a total of only 9 COVID-19 deaths throughout the pandemic. This makes Malta among the safest destinations to visit this summer. Needless to say, Malta’s National Healthcare System is one of the best in the world.

We would like to reassure you of the safety procedures being followed to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our teachers and students who will be attending courses and staying in our accommodation this Summer 2020. GSE will be adhering to all the guidelines published by the local health authorities and taking extra precautionary measures.

What makes GSE the ideal school during COVID-19 times?

Our location is ideal as we are situated in a low density elegant villa area with low traffic and with open spaces around our premises. At the same time both the school and GSE residence are only 12 minutes’ walk away from St Julian’s Bay also known as Spinola Bay.

The school and GSE residence buildings are detached (no surrounding buildings and only 15 metres apart) and have open spaces around them where students can practice social distancing during breaks and in their free time.

Our classrooms are large and spacious and ALL have windows and/or balconies providing adequate natural circulation of air. We have individual seating with writing tablets and classrooms are large enough to permit adequate distancing between one chair and the other. We have included photos of our classrooms for you to view here:

Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures social distancing in classrooms (3)

Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures social distancing in classrooms (2)

Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures social distancing in classrooms (1)

Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures social distancing in classrooms

Also ALL the bedrooms at our accommodation (even at the GSE residence) have large windows and/or balconies. The GSE residence has a large patio area around it with tables and chairs where students can relax while staying at our accommodation next to school. The Porziuncola Junior Residence has large surrounding gardens and all rooms have windows and/or balconies. The Junior residence (Porziuncola) is also a detached building.

Health and Safety measures being taken by GSE:

  • There will be sanitisation points available throughout the premises and students will have to sanitise their hands before entering GSE school premises and accommodation. Sanitisation points are specifically installed at the entrance of each building.

Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures sanitisation points at school (1) Gateway School of English GSE COVID-19 measures sanitisation points at school

  • GSE has always ensured a very clean environment at its premises and all bedrooms at GSE residence and classrooms were cleaned and floors washed with special detergents on a daily basis even before these unprecedented COVID-19 times. GSE will be disinfected on a daily basis using antiviral solutions. You can click below to view the specifications of the solutions being used to clean ALL our premises as well as the specifications of the hand gels being used:

sds UNICOL GEL -MSDS – Hand Sanitiser Specifications Gateway School of English GSE Malta

Antiviral Disinfectanct 5 Litre Data Sheet – Gateway School of English GSE Malta

Antiviral Disinfectanct 750ml Data Sheet – Gateway School of English GSE Malta

  • GSE has full time cleaners available 24/7 and living on the premises.
  • Teachers will be asked to wear a visor in class (not a face mask as this would make it difficult for them to speak properly). Students will NOT be asked to wear a mask in class as per local health authorities’ recommendation. However we will be providing face masks FREE OF CHARGE to those students attending school organized social / free time activities to wear while on the private bus.
  • GSE has rearranged its classrooms to ensure adequate distancing between one chair and another and students will at no time be facing each other thus reducing the risk of spreading infection. This is possible because GSE has large and spacious classrooms as you can see in the photos we have included in this newsletter.
  • All GSE students and staff will have their temperature checked and students or staff found to have a body temperature above 37.2 degrees Celsius will not be allowed entry into the premises. If students or staff exhibit COVID-19 symptoms they will be asked to take the test as per public health authorities’ guidelines and action will be taken by the school according to the same authorities’ instructions.
  • Posters promoting self-hygiene and the proper washing of hands to reduce the spread of Coronavirus will be displayed in all common areas to make students aware of the importance of the washing of hands with soap and water.
  • Students feeling unwell or exhibiting flu like symptoms will not be allowed in the classroom. Teachers have been given the instructions to report any student with COVID-19 symptoms so that the necessary actions can be taken.
  • Students should only be allowed on premises during the time of their allocated lessons. No loitering will be permitted.


  • Students are always encouraged to check with their local authorities regarding any travel related restrictions in place.
  • European Union citizens are encouraged to bring their E111 health insurance card which entitles them to free national health care in Malta.
  • GSE may assist students requiring private insurance, for more information visit our dedicated insurance page:

Please download the COVID Liability Release Waiver Gateway School of English GSE Malta which you will be requested to sign on your arrival at school or at any GSE accommodation.