Internship programmes & Work placements

Gateway School of English GSE offers English plus work placements and internship programmes for students wishing to combine English lessons with an unpaid internship programme or a work placement. We cater for groups and individuals wishing to take such a programme which is becoming very popular among those students wishing to travel to Malta and learn English and at the same time practise the language outside the classroom in a workplace environment which would eventually help them in their future career paths.

We offer work placements in a wide range of sectors such as tourism and hospitality including hotel management, catering, healthcare, administration, information technology IT, engineering, leisure, architecture, accountancy, fashion and design, education, journalism, media communications etc.

Should you require further information about our work placement programmes please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected] 

We can also provide tailor made programmes for individuals and groups.

Our internship fee is Euro 190 per student per internship placement for 1 to 7 weeks, 8 weeks to 23 weeks Euro 220, 24 weeks or more Euro 250 and these include the placing of the student and any follow ups needed during the internship.