English for Finance and the Financial Services Industry

Course Focus

The course is aimed at financial professionals or students who would like to extend their financial careers to the English-speaking world. By giving them the high-level, professional register of English that is necessary for effective communication in a financial context, this course enables them to do their usual work successfully in an English (and consequently international) environment. It is suitable for a variety of positions within the financial field, including those of accountants, auditors, bankers, financial lawyers and several others to whom the course can be adapted as per individual students’ requirements.

Course Content

The content of the course follows a structured yet flexible approach based on students’ specific needs, and can therefore be designed accordingly. Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made programme will be created to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the student/s. It is, however, guaranteed that all material and sources used are up-to-date with the rapid developments of this ever-changing domain.

Content covered may include:

  • functional everyday language such as standard collocations used in professional – client communication
  • specialist terminology
  • financial report writing
  • skills of negotiating and presentations
  • the language of meetings
  • communicating effectively with professional colleagues using specialist terminology;
  • giving accurate information to clients using layman-friendly language;
  • discussing delicate situations with sensitivity and professionalism
  • dealing with unpredictable situations

The vocabulary learnt is recycled and reinforced in discussions, role-plays and other relevant activities that are meant to authentically simulate real-life situations.

We always recommend that you will request a needs analysis questionnaire by sending us an email: [email protected] so that we can design a course tailor-made to your specific requests.