Student Insurance

Before you arrive in Malta, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance for your own financial and personal security.

If you are an EU citizen (coming from an EU country within the European Union) you would only need the E111 European Health Insurance card which you can apply for before travelling to Malta for your English language study experience with us. This will entitle you to free healthcare throughout your stay in Malta.

You can take out your own insurance or take out the Europe Policy Wording English offered by which has been specially designed for overseas students studying abroad. is among the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, protecting thousands of individuals studying and working abroad. As the insurer of choice for private and public universities and colleges, language schools and school boards, is trusted by over 400 partner agents, organizations and educational institutions globally.

Want to know what is insured and what is not insured? Please click on the link below for a summary:

Gateway School of English GSE Guard.me_Student_Medical_Expenses_Insurance_EUR (Summary of what the insurance covers)

Please read the International Students Policy Summary in order to establish the full terms of the cover also available in other languages:

Italian: Guardme_Europe_Id Card__Italian

French: Guardme_Europe_Key Facts__French

German: Guardme_Europe_Key Facts__German

Portuguese: Guardme_Europe_Key Facts__Portuguese

The price for the insurance is Euro 8 per week.

Want to know more about the student insurance services we offer for students learning English with us? Drop us a line: