IELTS Exam Preparation Group Courses all year round

IELTS has nowadays become the most important EFL exam for students learning English as a foreign language; whether for career advancement (work purposes) or as an admission prerequisite for a foreign university, the need to sit for an IELTS exam is increasing annually. The number of students taking the exam in Malta has also increased drastically throughout the last few years.  At Gateway School of English GSE we have also experienced an increase in the number of students choosing to take the IELTS exam preparation course and this is the reason why our IELTS classes are open every week all the year round.  So if you book an IELTS class at any time during the year, even for a week, you will be guaranteed the lessons from Monday to Friday.  We also guarantee small group tuition with maximum 8 students per class so that the teacher can focus on the individual needs of each and every student in the class.

There are no fixed start/finish dates for our IELTS classes and they are open every week all the year round. There is also no stipulated minimum or maximum number of weeks that you can book as this very much depends on the individual’s time available and the level of English of the student.

SPECIAL OFFER LOW SEASON PRICE (all year round except July/August) for 20 lessons per week: Euro 170 per week.

HIGH SEASON (July/August) price for 20 lessons per week: Euro 220 per week.

30 lessons per week: Euro 360 per week for the low season and Euro 410 per week for the high season.

We always do our best to hold lessons in the morning however please note that lessons might be held in the afternoon and GSE reserves the right to change the timetable of the IELTS exam preparation classes any time.  The timetable of your IELTS class will be explained to you on your first day at school.

IELTS Exam Test dates below:

IELTS English Exam Malta test dates 2020