English for Engineering

Course Focus:

As science and technology continue to advance and spread across the globe, the need for a standard international language with which to communicate becomes ever more pressing and universally recognised. Engineering professionals who have the expertise but lack the skills required for expressing and communicating it in English will understand that their career profile is missing that vital point that would give them a much needed competitive edge on the global scale and open them and their work up to an international audience.
As such, this course has been designed for civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, engineering technicians and technical managers or students in any of these fields who wish to improve as well as professionalize their level of English to suit their respective professional context.

Course Content:

The course covers a wide range of technical terminology related to the various concepts and methods of different areas of engineering, as well as the functional language in which these are typically used in daily work scenarios.
The language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are enhanced and practised through:
• interpreting and presenting diagrams / drawings / sketches / plans
• reviewing case studies, procedures, functions, applications, materials, tests and experiments etc.
• describing and dealing with technical problems and faults
• suggesting ideas and alternatives
• coming up with solutions

All this is done in a classroom environment which attempts to simulate different/various possible work scenarios through situational activities that students would be likely to come across in their line of work, making the course an ideal pathway or complement to students’ actual jobs work or studies.

Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made course programme will be created to suit the specific needs of the student/s. Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail requesting a needs analysis questionnaire: [email protected]