New Video promoting English language courses in Malta with GSE

Gateway School of English GSE has launched a new video promoting English language courses in Malta. GSE has been in operation since 2002 and this video explains in detail our advantages as a school in terms of location, academics, accommodation and ambience. It is the perfect introduction for those students who wish to know more about the school and its advantages before they make their choice as to which of the many English language schools in Malta they will be studying with.  Students usually find it difficult to choose a school because they wouldn’t know the difference between one school and the other and normally the choice is made based on the price offer. We wanted to show students the real picture as to what it is like being a student at GSE, living at the GSE residence and studying in our school and its facilities. We hope that this video will help students make the right choice and choose Gateway School of English for guaranteed success in English and a memorable experience in Malta.