English courses for the Oil and Gas Industry

Course overview:

English for the Oil and Gas Industry equips participants, whether students studying for a career in the oil and gas industries who will need English to communicate at work, or professionals who want to communicate more effectively in practical situations, with the language and skills that they will need to be successful.
This highly communicative course provides students with the functional language to use in a variety of work scenarios. Language is taught in context, so students practice the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations.

Main Course Aims:

• To develop students’ knowledge of the English language terms related to the Oil & Gas Industry.
• To strengthen English communication skills, in particular: speaking, reading, and writing.
• To provide students with individualised feedback on their English language and communication skills.

Course Content:

A wide range of subjects are covered, including, but not limited to, the following: drilling; refining; working offshore; repairs and maintenance; engineering and construction; production and distribution; and project management.
Student practice their skills by interacting with texts featuring authentic and engaging insights into the oil and gas industry. Listening activities expose students to a variety of situations and accents, from both native and non-native English speakers. Activities include dialogues, presentations, and interviews.
Additionally, each lesson covers a different aspect of language relevant to working in the oil and gas industries, such as effectively describing units of measurement or reporting an incident. Guidance in career-specific writing topics, such as technical report writing or materials requisitions, is also provided.