Keeping busy learning English while in quarantine

Keeping busy while in quarantine

Whether you are working from home, home schooling your children, have been lumped with forced leave, or have even had to close down your business, use this time to start doing those things you always wanted to but never found the time to get around to.

While binge-watching Netflix from dawn till dusk, trying every recipe imaginable, watching Tik-Tok videos and napping every hour might seem like the perfect way to spend this quarantine, we owe it to ourselves to go beyond mindless time-wasting and to do more. We have been given this rare opportunity where day-to-day life has slowed down and we can finally catch up!

Everywhere you look, everything is all about the coronavirus. We admit that it isn’t always easy to focus on the positive when faced with the uncertainty and tension this whole situation brings with it.  Governments worldwide are harping on about the importance of self-isolation so we may stand a chance of beating COVID-19 and getting back to our normal routines as soon as possible, so we had better get comfortable in our pyjamas and make sure to practise social distancing!

It may, however, take months for countries to recover and get back on their feet, so we must meanwhile make the most of this time to take care of ourselves on every level – improving ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and even educationally.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are looking for a career change or simply wish to boost your job prospects or expand your business, learning new skills online will help you achieve all of that and can prepare you to be ready for when quarantine ends, borders open once again and we slowly get back to our normal routine.

Overcoming language barriers or any communication issues

Fluency in English is essential for any role within international companies, especially in the majority of businesses across Europe. Recruiters look for outstanding resumes and cover letters and evaluate the English language skills of a candidate during a job interview. In these times, it has even become more popular to have job interviews online, therefore having the technical language skills to successfully ace a job interview is crucial since the competition has also grown bigger.

Being proficient in English can also help you bridge cultural gaps and make you more aware and sensitive in regard to other cultures. It is possible to achieve all of this through our online English classes as we can still guarantee a great nationality mix, as it is now much easier to have students join an online class from any country worldwide without needing to physically travel thousands of miles. All you need is either a laptop, tablet or even just a smartphone, and an internet connection. You can choose to join our General English, Conversation, or Business English classes, depending on what you are aiming for. Whatever your needs are when it comes to learning English, we have a class for you.

The same teachers who have worked with us for years are dedicating themselves to offering you the exact same service as you would have if you were here in person at the school. We have classes ranging from Beginner to Advanced levels so there will definitely be a group for you no matter what your level.

glish Courses during COVID-19 crisis

If you’re a parent, we’ve got you covered too!

To all those parents who are currently juggling between teleworking, housework and home schooling their children, we understand that you must be feeling busier than ever with so many commitments to attend to in the same physical space.

Let us lend you a hand by occupying your children with our Young Learner / Junior courses in English. They can participate in our online classes with other children from all over the world and you can even follow their progress and speak directly to their teachers, who are committed to organising fun and engaging lessons. Not only will your children be kept busy while at home, but they will also receive a digital certificate at the end of their course from a licensed and established institution.

If you prefer, they may also have private one-to-one lessons where it would be just them and the teacher. This option allows for more individual attention and greater flexibility with the schedule.

Why not make this a family thing?

We can also offer lessons for mini groups, so whether you live with friends or family, we can organise English lessons for all of you together! It would be fun to have something to look forward to together at a certain time of the day, and you would all get to brush up on your English language skills. You will also each receive a digital certificate to showcase your hard work.

11 Fun ways to keep learning English after your online lessons while in quarantine:

  1. Make a checklist of all the things you need to do over the coming week/s – stick to English.
  2. Created a detailed schedule of your day to avoid spending too much time just lounging around.
  3. Speak in English as often as you can with other household members.
  4. Before speaking in English, try not to translate from your own language first but try and think in English. If you are unsure about how to say something, write it down and ask your teacher if possible.
  5. Every time you think of something you wish you can do but can’t do it because you are in quarantine, write it down in English on a piece of paper and put it in a “COVID-19 Bucket List Jar”. When all of this is over, start a routine of taking a paper out of the jar everyday and make sure you do all the things you would have written down!
  6. Watch a movie or a TV show in English, with subtitles.
  7. Pick a recipe in English which you have never tried, by choosing from A to Z. Try not to use a dictionary or translator more than 3 times!
  8. Make a group chat and organise karaoke in English with your friends and family.
  9. Read an e-book in English (try a graded reader according to your level).
  10. Start keeping a journal in English – just put pen to paper and write whatever comes to your mind.
  11. Every Sunday write down 10 words or phrases that you and other members of your household would like to learn and better understand how to use. Stick the list on your fridge and every time you see it (whenever you go to the fridge), write down a sentence using a word or phrase from the list. The one with the most sentences is probably the one eating most of your chocolate 🙂

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