The Ethos (Mission Statement) of an English language school in Malta

Gateway School of English (GSE) is more than a guarantee that your stay with us will be a successful English language learning experience. It is a promise that you will take back home with you an exciting total memory that will enrich you as a person, making you more aware of the world’s diversity and of the importance of reaching out across cultural barriers. In short, we offer you a gateway to the world and a pathway to success. We look forward to welcoming you to Malta and to GSE.

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Latest News from the School

29th February, 2020

Coronavirus – is it safe to travel to Malta for an English Language Course? (constantly updated)

UPDATED (6th April 2020) Coronavirus cases in Malta: There are currently 241 Coronavirus cases confirmed in Malta We stress…

26th January, 2020

The importance of speaking English

The English language is undoubtedly the most powerful language in the world. According to a study by Kai L. Chan the…

13th November, 2019

IELTS Exam Preparation courses in Malta available all year round

Offer on year-round IELTS Preparation Courses As a non-native speaker of English, do you need a certificate which proves your…

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