A fabulous November week of lessons at Gateway…looking forward to another amazing Christmas

Malta Gateway School of English GSE end of course certificate Dutch students resized

It’s been a fabulous week at Gateway with the usual positive vibe, eagerness and vigour from students and GSE staff alike. The enthusiasm and positivity is not only seen in our teachers and non academic staff but also in students themselves. The positive energy helps students transcend language barriers and practise English irrispective of their level. Whether a student is at Beginner Level A1 or at Advanced Level C1 he/she speaks the lingua franca at Gateway, that is English, and finds a way how to communicate and share experiences in Malta.  This is the guarantee that you will succeed learning English and improving your speaking and listening skills while you are studying with us in Malta.

This week we bade farewell to a group of Dutch students who had been studying with us for three weeks. They also spent a fabulous time in Malta, studying and visiting many places while on school organised trips.  They made many new friends from all over the world and practised English as much as possible after school hours. As part of their Erasmus programme this Dutch group also had job shadowing activities at the San Gwann Primary School, 3 hours per week, attending primary school classes and familiarising themselves with the Maltese primary education system.  All in all its been an amazing experience for them and the photos below taken on their last day of school show the pride and satisfaction for having completed their 3 week English studies + work experience programme in Malta.

English school Malta courses plus work experience Dutch group Gateway School of English GSE Malta Gateway School of English GSE end of course certificate Dutch students

Now we are very much looking forward to Christmas, another fabulous time at Gateway and an amazing time to be in Malta.  Malta offers so much to its visitors during the Christmas holidays, not only the beautiful Christmas decorations adorning its narrow streets in towns and villages across the islands but also its mild winter weather which allows visitors to spend their time outdoors. At Gateway we hold lessons as usual Monday to Friday during the Christmas holidays and we offer all types of accommodation for our students such as the GSE residence , homestay accommodation or apartments nearby the school. For those students wishing to stay in hotels nearby the school we can offer good rates for 3, 4 and 5 star hotel accommodation. Christmas is also the ideal time for parents to travel with their children for a combination of a holiday and English language classes.

Watch last year’s Christmas video below:

This year’s 2023 video will definitely not feature any masks as restrictions have been removed.

We look forward to seeing you in Malta and at Gateway in December.

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