Experience the European Capital of Culture of the Year – Valletta 2018

Why end your celebrations in December? January 2018 in Malta is just as outstanding {maybe even better…}!!

The upcoming year is the perfect time for you to brush up on your English in Malta, as Valletta will be the European Capital of the year. Grandstand celebrations will be spread throughout the year and will even make it across various towns and villages all over the island.

You will get to witness a once in a lifetime event where one of the most historical and picturesque cities in Europe is crowned as the European Capital. The opening ceremonies will lure masses to the capital city with all kinds of entertainment reflecting the Maltese spirit and culture; these will all be spread throughout the city. Watch the video below showing the ferry crossing from Sliema to the Valletta peninsula, which you can experience yourself while in Malta. A ferry crossing costs only Euro 2.

Celebrations kicked off the year in style with the spectacular festivities of New Year’s Eve in Valletta. More celebrations, festivities and outstanding performances will keep taking place throughout the month of January. The wide range of activities scheduled will exhibit the true spirit of Maltese culture and entertainment. You will get to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment with a unique Mediterranean culture not found anywhere else in the world. Malta’s distinct features have developed over years under foreign rule, as a result of which it is now the perfect English language-learning destination.

Another recently inaugurated project for Valletta 2018 is “is-Suq tal-Belt”, which has just opened its doors this week. This refurbished shopping mall re-opened after decades in the shadows. “Is-Suq tal-Belt” (translation: Valletta’s market) boasts a large variety of restaurants, shops and food stalls which showcase the unique Maltese culture. Its inspiration was Mercado di San Miguel in Madrid, as well as the Boqueria market in Barcelona. It is a landmark which you will definitely have to experience whilst visiting the capital of culture for the year of 2018. Furthermore, the magnificent and popular Triton Fountain will also have a much awaited unveiling during the Valletta ’18 opening week.

In the morning, those of you who will be studying with us will get the opportunity to be taught the language by native teachers, who are the product of an educational system based on Britain’s, as well as a tradition of academic excellence that goes back to the 16th century. You will also get to meet students from all over the world, thanks to the great nationality mix here at GSE, then in the afternoon and evening you can enjoy all of Malta’s unique features while out on our organised activities.

The V18 celebrations will convey daily evening activities during the week starting January 14th, leading up to Grand Opening Ceremony on the 20th of January 2018.

The beautiful Auberge de Castille in Castille Square Valletta lit up at night:

Gateway School of English Valletta by night Auberge de Catsille Valletta

The newly restored Triton Fountain and the new, pedestrianised square complementing the fountain just outside Valletta’s beautiful city gate entrance:

Valletta 2018 English language schools in Malta Gateway School of English Triton Square

View the new Valletta entrance and the new Triton Fountain Square LIVE here


GSE Students at St Paul’s Shipwreck Church in Valletta:

GSE Malta Social Programme St Pauls Festa Valletta

The jaw-dropping St John’s Co-Cathedral:

Gateway School of English GSE St John's Co Cathedral Valletta 2018

What are you waiting for?

Call your friends, get your family to join in, and come and experience Malta during such a unique period!

…and we will take care of everything to ensure that your upcoming visit will not only be educational, but enriching, fulfilling and exceptional =)

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@english-malta.com

For more information about the Valletta 2018 celebrations click here: http://valletta2018.org

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