Malta makes it to top list of destinations to visit in 2023 – Lonely Planet

Malta once again made it to the top places / countries to visit in 2023 according to Lonely Planet’s list of recommended countries.

Lonely planet this week published it’s 18th Annual Best in Travel list and it is no surprise that Malta made it among the top destinations to visit in 2023

According to CNN who reported this news the Mediterranean country Malta was chosen as one of the best places to unwind.  This is certainly a true statement not only because Malta is a Mediterranean island but because the island, despite its size, still offers a lot for its visitors from prehistoric temples to magnificent churches, oldest working theatres in the world, beautiful harbours and bays. Practically there is so much to do and so much to see during one’s visit on the islands. The sun and the sea that Malta offers are enough for visitors to unwind let alone visiting these breathtaking historical sites across the islands.  It is truly a relaxing place if you wish a change in scene from your routine back home.
Malta destination to visit 2023 Lonely Planet - best country to learn English - Gateway School of English GSE
This is exactly what we encourage our students to do while they are experiencing the Maltese islands while learning English with us.  We promote the school’s social programme , a weekly cultural/historical activity programme that helps students unwind after class hours and hence improve their English while socialising with peers and other students.
Gateway’s location is also the ideal one to unwind and relax as we offer large open spaces around our premises, both at school as well as the GSE residence located right next to the school. The large patios around the school and residence help students to socialise during breaktimes at school and in their free time at the GSE residence and hence relax while they are out of the classroom setting.
Therefore, rightly so, Lonely Planet refers to Malta as the ‘unwind’ destination for 2023.
We promise you that your English language learning experience at GSE in Malta won’t only be a successful one from an academic point of view but also a relaxing one!
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Malta destination to visit 2023 Lonely Planet - best place to learn English - Gateway School of English GSE