Spring is in the air and what a fabulous time to take an English language course in Malta!

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You step out of the house and you feel a soft breeze brush through your hair. You take a step into the sunshine and feel the pleasant warmth against your skin. You look up and see colourful flowers and trees everywhere. Everyone you pass by is smiling and so are you! You feel the sudden urge to sneeze and hurry to try to pull a tissue out of your pocket in time. It is the sixth time this has happened this morning. Allergy season is back, but who cares? Spring in Malta is worth the itchy eyes and tissue use!

Spring brings with it many events and activities to our islands and at Gateway School of English, this is no exception. At the beginning of this month, all of Malta celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday in uniquely Maltese ways. Our students joined in on these activities and got a taste of what a religious holiday in Malta feels like at the best time of the year; Spring!

The weather was fantastic, so the students began their day at Buskett, which is a small man-made forest which hides within it one of the President’s residences; Verdala Palace. Students then walked to Dingli Cliffs, where the clear air allowed them to enjoy breath-taking views of the West Coast of Malta. The group then made its way to Rabat, where they got the chance to try out a typical Maltese “pastizz” from the most famous “pastizzeria” in Malta. Many Maltese people eat vegetarian food or fish on Good Friday, due to the choice of not eating meat for religious reasons. The students then moved on to a tour around Mdina, Malta’s old capital city, which is also known as “The Silent City” due to its lack of cars and tranquil ambiance. The trip truly reached its peak when students then moved on to Zebbug to experience a traditional Good Friday procession, where people of all ages walk through the streets dressed in beautifully hand-made costumes which depict the story of Easter. People from all over Malta and the world gather here to watch this procession.

Easter Sunday is more tranquil and calm for the Maltese population, as everyone gets dressed up and spends the day eating and relaxing with family. Students got the chance to experience this atmosphere with a trip to the Three Cities, where they travelled by traditional boat from Valletta across the harbour. The students could then enjoy the views and take in the calm atmosphere of Easter Sunday in Malta. A delicious Easter lunch was then ready for them to dig into at one of the restaurants at the beautiful Vittoriosa Waterfront.

Due to the fact that Spring in Malta brings with it the perfect weather, some students were also lucky enough to spend some time attending their lessons outdoors. Some classes went down to the St Julian’s centre, where they were accompanied and instructed by their teacher to conduct a survey to the many people enjoying the sunshine near the sea. Others were taken on a picnic to a nearby garden, where they spoke about the environment and did activities related to the language they were learning. Another group made its way to a popular coffee shop, where they did speaking activities. Our creative teachers made this possible by pre-teaching the language needed for these lessons, preparing the material needed for the outdoor lessons and taking the initiative to make their lessons fun and innovative.

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Gateway School of English GSE Photos - Lessons at Spinola Bay St Julian's 12 minutes walking distance from school

Spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year here in Malta. The sea may be too cold for some locals to venture into, but that does not stop a courageous few from taking a dip. The sea is clean, most beaches are still relatively empty and the sun is warm but not too hot. It is the perfect time for picnics with friends and family, walks in the countryside and strolls along the beach or waterfront. What more could we ask for?

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How can this help you learn English?

Fill in the gaps below by looking through the blog again, then have a look at the definitions.

s n _ _ _ e = to make a sudden noise from the nose and mouth due to irritation of the nostrils.

p _ a _ = to reach the best part or highest point of something.

_ r g e = to want or need to do something very much.

p r _ c e _ _ _ o n = people walking together in the same direction.

t _ _ n q _ i l = an adjective used to describe something calm or peaceful.

v e _ t _ r _ = to try to do something daring or risky.

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