Free English Courses from October until March for 6 months with GSE

The two seasons that mean good news…

Autumn and winter always bring good news at Gateway School of English GSE.  Every year between October and March all students studying with GSE, for any duration (even just for a week) will receive 10 FREE English conversation classes per week. This means that even if students start studying with us before October or finish their course after March they will still benefit from this offer  i.e. they will benefit from this offer within the specified period.  For the exact dates when this offer starts and finishes please check our special offers page here:

There is no specified limited time as to when bookings can be received and you can book any time throughout the year.

Students paying long term rates such as Euro 100 per week for 8 weeks to 23 weeks and Euro 75 per week for 24 weeks or more will also benefit from the 10 free lessons per week if they study at GSE anytime between October and March.

During the same 6 months we also offer a 10% discount on the GSE Residence prices. So students who choose to stay in the school residence, only 2 minutes from bedroom to classroom, will benefit from a 10% discount on the weekly accommodation rates which include breakfast and the use of modern cooking facilities at the residence.

The 10% discount is also valid for long stays such as 8 weeks plus and 24 weeks plus. To give you an example the price for the triple room in the low season is Euro 130 per week for 8 weeks or more, meaning that between October and March students staying at the residence will pay Euro 130 per week less 10% discount = Euro 117 per week including breakfast.  Similarly the price of the twin room also breakfast included is Euro 150 less 10% discount = Euro 135 per week.  These are fabulous prices which anyone who stays at the GSE residence can benefit from between October and March. The exact dates of these offers are available in the special offers section of our website.

For long term General English rates we usually charge a supplement for morning lessons however for the remaining months of 2020 we will not be charging the morning supplement so the cheaper afternoon long term rates are applicable, Euro 100 per week for 8 weeks to 23 weeks and Euro 75 per week for 24 weeks or more for 20 lessons per week upgraded to 30 lessons per week between October and March.

English language school Malta Special price offer on English courses with Gateway School of English GSE