50+ English language programmes in Malta for mature students

50 plus English language programmes for mature students

We are pleased to introduce our recently launched 50+ programmes, targeting mature students who wish to combine an English language course, no matter what their current proficiency level, with a leisurely Mediterranean holiday in Malta. These courses run four times a year and are organised in conjunction with major cultural and historical events held annually, allowing participants an opportunity to savour life in the slow lane, the Maltese way.

Although it is well known for its sun and fun factor and, for this reason, is especially popular with teenagers and young people (whether students or tourists) who flock to the sea and nightlife areas summer after summer, Malta undoubtedly holds equal appeal as a destination offering a wealth of history and culture, making it an attractive choice for more mature holidaymakers as well as for pensioners looking for a change of scene and pace, and possibly also a place in which to retire with its element of relaxed island life.

The coming year 2018 will be a particularly favourable year for these 50+ programmes as the Maltese capital of Valletta will hold the long-awaited title of European Capital of Culture. The “V18”, as it is commonly referred to, will offer a rich and varied cultural programme with a range of activities, exhibitions, performances and more throughout the entire year, giving students plenty of options for some extracurricular and educational fun no matter when they decide to visit.

50 plus programmes English schools in Malta. Mature adult students aged 50 and over.

The strategic points in the year’s calendar at which we organise the 50+ programmes are: in February/March for Carnival, in March/April for Easter, in October for the Notte Bianca, and in December for Christmas. 50+ aged students can nevertheless join our regular adult courses at any time of the year if they cannot make it in the periods indicated, but the 50+ programmes are exclusively for students over 50, and applicants are guaranteed that they will be with students of the same age group.

We offer these programmes as packages which include accommodation, either in hotels, the school residence or host families within walking distance from school, depending on individual students’ preferences. A supplementary social programme is also available for students to choose activities day by day if they so wish. Among these are sea- and countryside walks, a visit to a local Crafts Village in Ta’ Qali (with time for some shopping!), stops at prehistoric temples, and tours around the historical cities (Valletta, Mdina and the Three Cities) and their respective churches, harbours and gardens.

There is also a full day trip to the sister island of Gozo with its fortified hilltop city of Cittadella (the former capital), and students will also get a chance for a spot of agritourism with some wine- and cheese-tasting at a local winery and a Gozitan cheese farm. All in all a packed social programme to tickle everyone’s fancy.

For more information on these programmes please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@english-malta.com or visit our dedicated page:  https://english-malta.com/english-courses-malta/50-plus-programmes/

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